Our Company

Our Investment Strategy

Our investment strategy emphasizes consistent and growing cash flow, which mitigates against the turbulence of market conditions.

As a real estate advisory and services organization, Bayfield specializes in supplying acquisition, asset management, leasing and development services to private and institutional investors. We have three areas of focus.

  1. Acquisition: Bayfield identifies and acquires institutional quality properties with a view to providing our investors with a dependable income source even when market conditions are soft.
  2. Asset Management: Bayfield increases the value of the assets it acquires through quality management, improving tenant mix and building strong tenant relationships.
  3. Development: Bayfield, through its development team, adds value to its holdings through renovation and/or redevelopment. Bayfield also acquires and develops greenfield properties when opportunities arise and market conditions support such development.

Bayfield's investment strategy is to maximize the return on our clients' capital. We attempt to achieve this goal by divesting our portfolios of properties when they have substantially reached their upside potential and by acting quickly when we see opportunities that will reap greater returns for our investors.

Our Investors and Partners

Bayfield focuses on providing high net worth private as well as institutional investors with exceptional real estate investment opportunities together with professional asset management services.